Electric Sticker Instructions

Application Instructions:   

Do not remove and attempt to reapply sticker. Don't bend the sticker or pull on the battery pack as it can break the wire connections resulting in the sticker not functioning properly. 

  1. Avoid applying stickers in very cold or very hot weather for best results. 
  2. Clean window with rubbing alcohol, allow to dry completely
  3. Insert x2 AAA batteries (not included) into Control box.
  4. Carefully remove protective layer from the adhesive on the front of the sticker 
  5. Once protective layer is removed from adhesive, carefully place sticker in desired location.
  6. Turn on using the switch on the side
  7. Mode 1: Standard Sequence will start.
  8. To turn on Mode 2: Music sequence, tap the mode button.
  9. Enjoy! 

 USB Instructions:   

  1. Cable consists of a black extension cable and a shorter white USB cable.
  2. Connect the two cables and plug the black cord into the port on the side of the Electric Sticker Battery Pack
  3. NOTE: DO NOT FORCE plug into port, it's normal for it to not plug in completely and appear to be sticking out half way
  4. It is recommended to remove batteries before switching to USB
  5. For best results, plug into USB port with enough voltage to support the sticker. Depending on the quality and voltage of power source, sticker may not work as intended. A computer or car USB port is best. 


Trouble Shooting:

In the event your sticker arrives and is not working properly, please follow these steps:

1. Make sure you're using brand new AAA batteries.

2. Try removing the batteries and putting them back in.

3. The ON/OFF switch is backwards: On is down and Up is off. Make sure it's in the correct position.

4. Move the dial on the side all the way to the left, if that doesn't work try the other direction.

5. Make sure you're in the correct mode: Tap the circle button on the back.


If you've tried all of the steps and sticker still isn't functioning properly, please contact me at Stellica.stickers@gmail.com. I'll respond same day if not right away!