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Tanjiro Electric Sticker

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Light Up your Car window with this new Demon Slayer EL wire glow Sticker!

Now Wireless and easier to apply than ever!

Size: 5.5" x 5.5"  

Sticker lights up with it's own unique animation sequence or a Music activated sequence!   

EL Electric Sticker comes with: 

  • Control box ( x2 AAA Batteries not included) Already attached to sticker
  • Tanjiro Electric Sticker
  • Adhesive layer on sticker face with green "Pull" tab for easy removal and application. 

Application Instructions:

Do not remove and attempt to reapply sticker. Don't bend the sticker or pull on the battery pack as it can break the wire connections resulting in the sticker not functioning properly. 

  1. Avoid applying stickers in very cold or very hot weather for best results. 
  2. Clean window with rubbing alcohol, allow to dry completely
  3. Insert x2 AAA batteries (not included) into Control box.
  4. Carefully remove protective layer from the adhesive on the front of the sticker with the "Pull" tab.
  5. Once protective layer is removed from adhesive, carefully place sticker in desired location.
  6. Turn on using the switch on the side
  7. Mode 1: Standard Sequence will start.
  8. To turn on Mode 2: Music sequence, tap the mode button.
  9. Enjoy!